200 Degrees coffee announce new jobs and open days to focus on Birmingham business community

Speciality coffee company 200 Degrees has announced the creation of a new position working from its Colmore Row shop.

Tim Moss is to become the brand’s first Business Solutions Specialist in a move that sees the popular coffee roasters concentrate on providing high quality coffee to the business community and providing bespoke solutions for offices, retail spaces and conference venues.

It’s a move that’s been described as ‘bringing part of the coffee shop into the workplace’ and is a new direction for unashamed coffee geek Moss who has been with 200 Degrees from its very first bag in 2012.

The first Business Open Day will take place on Thursday, 4 October from 9am in the Barista School at 200 Degrees Colmore Row. Businesses large and small are invited to pop down throughout the day to try some of the new machines and chat about coffee, there will even be some brownies on offer.

Tim Moss said:

“I’m very happy to be moving into this new area for 200 Degrees, I’ve spent most of the last year working closely with businesses in Birmingham to improve their coffee solution for their teams and the reports are that it’s made a real difference. We’ve provided beans, full solutions, equipment advice and even pop-ups in foyers to help educate people in the workplace.

“Nobody really wants to drink bad coffee but there hasn’t really been a choice in the past and tales of ‘brown liquids’ abound. People probably haven’t realised that technology has moved on very rapidly and there are some very affordable options available that are hassle free ways to use freshly roasted beans.”

MD Tom Vincent said:

“Much of our time is now spent helping people banish dodgy vending machines and bin their jars of instant coffee. Businesses can now provide coffee that’s much closer to coffee shops standards without growing a beard and learning latte art, it’s all really very simple.

“Tim is the ideal person for improving the coffee across the businesses of Birmingham, he knows coffee and equipment better than anyone and he’ll be spending a lot of time at Colmore Row doing open days, demonstrations and generally ‘chatting to people about coffee’, that’s in his job description.”

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