2019: The time to invest

Laura Thursfield, 2018 BYPY winner

Independent financial advisor at Mazars, Laura Thursfield, has teamed up with leading UK development and investment company SevenCapital to urge people to start investing for their future as a key goal for 2019.

The collaboration formed following an independent survey, commissioned by SevenCapital last year which revealed that more than half of the West Midlands population currently has no provision to fund their retirement.

Laura said:

“Investing for your future is so important if you want to be able to make a smooth transition from your working life to retirement without having to scale back on the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

“The starting point is to look at where you are now and see how investing fits in with your current situation. Then you need to look at where you want to get to and work out a plan from there.

“What you don’t want to do is put all of your eggs into one basket; you want to make sure that your financial plan is flexible enough to meet the changing demands on your time.”

Laura will talk candidly at an event alongside SevenCapital director and property investment expert Andy Foote, entitled ‘Time to Invest’, which aims to uncover the reasons behind why making investments to secure your future is so important, how to get started, what investment vehicles are available and how property investment can form a cornerstone to an overall investment strategy.

Andy said:

“You have to save for the future, especially in this day and age when pensions are on the decline. Have one eye on passive income, but also remember you only live once so you’ve got to enjoy yourself as you go along. Having a good balance between saving and spending is really important.

“Property has always been my biggest investment influence. It’s simple, tangible, and  everybody understands it. If you’re at or aiming at a stage where you can invest in property as part of your investment strategy, as long as you do your research and buy carefully – in the right location at the right time – it can work out very well.”

To learn about investing for your future, register to attend the ‘Time to Invest’ event taking place at Mazars on Thursday, January 31.

Places are free but numbers are limited so registration is essential.

For more information on SevenCapital visit www.sevencapital.com

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