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 Insane in the membrane; insane in the brain!

Tuesday 17 April 18.30 – 20.00, Room G11, Main Building, Aston University 

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The lyrical title of Professor Roslyn Bill’s inaugural lecture is a nod to the nineties, when she was a doctoral student. It aptly highlights two words: membrane and brain. One of her scientific passions is cell membranes, the structures that define cells and separate them from their surroundings. Professor Bill will tell you about one aspect of what they do, which is to control the flow of water into and out of cells. Following head trauma or stroke, that flow can lead to brain swelling and death.

The lecture focuses on the longstanding work of Professor Roslyn Bill’s collaborative team in developing molecular understanding in order to discover new treatments for brain swelling. 

Reaching New Heights

Monday 23 April 13.00 – 15.30, Novotel Wolverhampton, Union Street, Wolverhampton

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Do you have a scalable business with potential for growth? Could you benefit from the knowledge of experts to help take your business to the next level? If yes – Join us for an informative discussion to find out more about the Aston Programme for Small Business Growth, receive application support and to hear from live case studies.

The Centre for Growth are now taking applications for Cohort 5, the deadline is 18 June 2018. The core of the programme is a series of nine one day practical workshops taking place over six months focusing on topics relevant to leaders of growing SMEs. Participants also receive one-to-one support from an experienced business mentor to assist you to develop a growth strategy and tackle any barriers to growth. The Aston Programme for Small Business Growth is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). It is free for SMEs who have an operational address within the Black Country, Coventry and Warwickshire, Greater Birmingham and Solihull or The Marches (transitional area only – Telford and Wrekin and Shropshire) LEP regions.


Branding: a commercial necessity or marketing perfection?

Wednesday 25 April 18.00 – 21.00, Conference Aston, Aston Business School 

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To unlock latent commercial potential and deliver tangible business results branding must operate in the “real” world not a theoretical one. The imperative is to change as you, making simple branding changes that deliver a commercial difference, instead of configuring grand brand plans that, in practice, rarely leave the page they are written on.

Dr Keith Glanfield, based on his new book “Brand Transformation”, will explore the “art of the possible” rather than “the art of the perfect”, discussing how to accelerate a firm’s branding performance, to make a commercial difference, without derailing day-to-day business activity. Concentrating on what is commercially feasible instead of marketing perfection. This event is organised in conjunction with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).


 Low Carbon SMEs – Fast-Track to ISO 14001:2015 – Implementation Overview workshop

Thursday 26 April, 09:00 – 13:00, Innovation Birmingham, Hote Street, Birmingham

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Low Carbon SMEs cordially invites you to join the ISO14001:2015 workshop equipping you with the knowledge required to effectively implement the changes and improve your organisation’s environmental management system.

The Fast-Track to ISO 14001:2015 – Implementation Overview workshop is aimed at SMEs responsible for implementing or maintaining their organisation’s ISO ISO14001:2015 environmental certification. The workshop provides an overview of the key requirements of ISO 14001: 2015 and gives SMEs an understanding of the potential challenges presented by implementing the new requirements. This workshop is open to SMEs in the Greater Birmingham and Solihull area. Interactive sessions include informative presentations by an expert EMS consultant and SMEs who have successfully transitioned to the new standard.


The wonderful world of polymer science: from the next generation of solar cells to 3D printing

Thursday 3 May 18.30 – 20.00 , Room G11, Main Building, Aston University 

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Polymers have revolutionised the modern world. Many people think of ‘plastics’ when they hear the word ‘polymers’. During this inaugural lecture Paul Topham will dispel this myth as we explore the incredible properties of polymers and see how they have been used to change the way we live today. From bullet-proof vests to biomedical implants and a whole host of other exciting applications, we will discover how polymers have transformed our lives and how there is so much more that we can do with these amazing materials.


Fresh Perspectives: Financial advertising – the legal framework for curbing behavioural exploitation

Thursday 24 May 07.30 – 09.30, Susan Cadbury Lecture Theatre, Aston Business School

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Policy makers and behavioural finance scholars express growing concern that marketing practices by financial institutions exploit retail investors’ behavioural biases. Investor protection regulation should thus address these marketing practices and include mechanisms curbing behavioural exploitation. That raises the question whether the marketing communications regime of the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive can live up to this demand.

Martin Brenncke of Aston Law School with present the intersection between behavioural finance and law. He will use the law governing marketing materials as a discussion starter for the bigger debate on how behavioural insights about retail investors’ behavioural biases can be integrated into investor protection measures. This debate is highly relevant for businesses as it directly impacts on what is required by an investment firm in order to conduct its business in a fair way. Martin’s findings are also relevant for the new hot investor protection topic in MiFID II, product governance, and the requirements relating to providing investment advice. He will address these wider implications in his presentation.


Corporate Governance Principles for Large Private Companies

Wednesday 30 May 12.30 – 14.30, Adrian Cadbury Lecture Theatre, Aston Business School

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Large private companies hold a special and significant role in UK society. The strong and sustainable operation of large private companies creates employment opportunities, generates tax revenue, invests in the community, and ultimately generates social value. Responsible businesses acknowledge the role they play, and engage meaningfully with a broad range of stakeholders, including the community they operate in.

In 2017 the Government announced its intention to introduce a new corporate governance reporting requirement for large private companies. To complement this new reporting requirement, the Government appointed James Wates CBE, Chairman of the Wates Group Ltd, to lead a coalition of partners, including the Financial Reporting Council, to develop corporate governance principles to enhance transparency and accountability in large private companies, and improve public trust in business.

This event will involve introductory comments from James Wates as to his vision for the principles, insight from Aston Business School academics, and a panel discussion featuring local company and investor representatives to discuss the role of corporate governance in large private companies and the impact of the new reporting requirement. There will also be an opportunity for the audience to ask questions about the development of the principles. This event will be of interest to large private companies, investors, academics, as well as auditors and advisors involved in corporate reporting. 

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