Drive Midlands Nemawashi 根回し

Date Tue 27 Feb

Time 08:00-13:00

Event type Presentation

Location Autodesk Ltd, Talbot Way, Small Heath Business Park, Birmingham, B10 0HJ

Nemawashi (根回し) is an informal process of quietly laying the foundation for some proposed change or project, by talking to the people concerned, gathering support and feedback. So much is happening in UK automotive at the moment and whilst the underlying trend is positive, the supply chain is faced with a lot of change over the coming years. Some of the drivers of that change are within our control; some are not.

The Drive Midlands Nemawashi will be your chance to hear the insights of experts on some of the biggest topics facing the industry today.

The agenda for this half day event has been put together to stimulate thought on what companies can do to effect change but also to give the latest thoughts on what is happening on the European and world stage, including:

  • Brexit
  • The Industrial Strategy Automotive Sector Deal
  • Industry 4.0
  • Increasing competitiveness

Hurry, places are limited and we expect demand to be high, so register your interest now!

Joining instructions will be sent to all delegates approx. a week before the event.

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