Flagship celebration of digital making to take place on 29th October in Birmingham

Rebel Makers Camp, a one day festival celebrating technology and digital creativity, will take place in Birmingham on Saturday 29th October 2016.

Rebel Makers Camp is part of the Rebel Makers project – a network of peer-to-peer digital making clubs around the UK.

The event will celebrate and shine a light on this important project by curating a series of talks, workshops and social activities focused around digital making, digital skills and technology.

The aim of the event is to bring together people of all ages and abilities to share skills, discover technology and socialise in a range of fun and engaging ways.

The Rebel Makers network is taking a different approach in the digital skills arena by ensuring that it is accessible to absolutely everyone – regardless of their age, ability or background.

The Clubs welcome people of all ages and skill levels into an open, informal learning space to share and experiment with digital; enabling attendees to grow in experience and confidence while building a strong, diverse community.

Clubs meet monthly at various locations around the UK. Rebel Makers Camp will bring together, celebrate, and introduce new people to this community.

Rebel Makers has close connections with Birmingham, having started their first Club in the heart of the city’s Jewellery Quarter. Clubs have seen broadened and improved the skills of attendees as varied in age as five year olds to 72 year olds thanks to their inclusive and accessible ethos.

Rebel Makers is a project run by Birmingham-based social enterprise Rebel Labs. Founded in October 2015, Rebel Labs promotes a culture of lifelong and inclusive digital learning opportunities by running events and training, as well as carrying out research around the possibilities for the future provision of digital skills.

Rebel Makers Camp is partnering with Birmingham’s largest student hackathon, BrumHack. Returning in October for the 5th time, BrumHack is a 150 person event run within the University of Birmingham that sees students from institutions around the country come together to build digital prototypes as part of the official student hackathon league.

BrumHack and Rebel Makers Camp will collaborate to curate workshops and other content aimed at attendees from both events in the hope of perpetuating a social and skills exchange between the two audiences.

Kevin Lewis, co-founder of Rebel Labs and lead organiser of Rebel Makers Camp:

“We’re really excited to be hosting the first Rebel Makers Camp in Birmingham. The importance the digital world holds in every part of our lives means that it’s now more important than ever that everyone has the opportunity to explore these topics in a fun and accessible way.

We’ve been working as a team on digital skills programmes for several years, and cannot wait to showcase what is possible when barriers are lowered and those of all ages, abilities and backgrounds can learn and play together.

It’s going to be a really fun and varied event, opening up lots of avenues to discover what the possibility of digital holds for you.

We have devised an exciting programme to encourage and enable everyone to understand and create, rather than just use, technology.”

Poppie Simmonds, lead organiser of BrumHack:

“The partnership between BrumHack and Rebel Makers Camp represents a fantastic opportunity to extend the reach of BrumHack to new audiences.

I’m really excited to find out how this will enrich the experience of my attendees, but I have no doubt that it will be impactful. I’d love to see more hackathons diversifying the future of the community, by experimenting with their event formats and partnerships.”

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