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Business Support Brochures

Business Birmingham understands that establishing a presence in a new city or expanding your existing operations requires expertise and support across a whole range of business needs.

Whether you are a SME looking to grow your business or an enterprise that is looking to expand into the region, Business Birmingham has a range of expertise and advice readily available. For further information, have a browse through our business support brochures below.


Large Enterprises

To help reduce the associated risks and challenges we have developed Inward Investor Commercial Support – a comprehensive support package for companies looking to locate in Greater Birmingham, which provides you, as an inward investor, with a comprehensive suite of products and services to speed up the process of setting up your business.


To download the PDF version of the Inward Investor Commercial Support Brochure click the download icon in the top left corner.



Small & Medium-sized Enterprises

Business Birmingham acts as a single point of contact for potential inward investors and delivers a comprehensive support package. This includes bringing together a project team of relevant organisations, such as property agents, recruitment consultants, public agencies, and universities.


To download the PDF version of the Business Catalyst Brochure, click the download button in the top left corner.