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Relocation services

Stemming from the minds at West Midlands Growth Company, our relocation services are a specialised team to help you relocate to Birmingham.

The amount of people relocating to Birmingham each year is increasing. Birmingham is the most popular destination for those relocating outside of the capital, let alone the rest of the UK. West Midlands Growth Company has a dedicated team here to help with every step of the relocation process, helping staff, companies and individuals to discover and find their feet in Birmingham.

Our services are a first of its kind. As the strategic marketing partnership for Birmingham, we are familiar with everything happening in and around the city. This includes having a strong information network of strategic partners spanning across business and industrial sectors, the tourism industry, education and a channel of local specialists. Using this wealth of local knowledge we offer services that are specialised and tailored to those who are moving to Birmingham and the wider region.

Our strategic network partners

West Midlands Growth Company has a strong partnership network with key West Midlands investors, businesses and local experts. As trusted associates and partners, we work together to assist in your relocation. Our relationship with such experts means we have an information network that is second to none in the West Midlands.

Partnerships within our network include property experts, universities, entertainment venues, transport companies and businesses in a variety of sectors.

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