KPMG launches Enterprise Financing offering

""KPMG has announced that it has launched a new service offering aimed at assisting small and medium-sized businesses looking to raise debt finance up to £10m.

KPMG’s Enterprise Financing offering will complement the firm’s extensive debt advisory expertise and will support SMEs looking to raise new debt finance or refinance between £2m and £10m. The offering will provide independent competition to the broker market, and is the latest service provided by KPMG as it continues to support privately-owned businesses of all shapes and sizes through KPMG Enterprise.

Recent research from the British Business Bank indicates that total lending to SMEs over 2016 stood at £110 billion and within that, use of structured loans increased by £1.5bn (net) over the course of the year, with the data suggesting that banks currently approve approximately 8 in every 10 applications for finance.

Steve Elsigood, who is based in the firm’s Midlands practice, leads KPMG’s Enterprise Financing offering in the UK, and he explained:

“For any SME looking to raise debt, now is a great time to be in the market. Lenders have funds to put to work, pricing is attractive and the range and variety of funding options available to SMEs continues to increase. Navigating this landscape effectively can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why many businesses turn to independent advice on the best way forward.

Steve Elsigood continued:

“Our new Enterprise Financing offering provides independent advice for a borrower ensuring they are partnered with the most appropriate lender for their requirements and secure market competitive terms.”

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