Making Digital Human: Fast-growing Birmingham agency Lightbox rebrands to fuel further growth

A fast-growing Birmingham agency is aiming to demystify digital with a new image and brand that reinforces its mission to cut through tech jargon and place people first.

After a year of rapid growth and new hires, John Bright Street-based Lightbox Digital has rebranded to clarify and cement its positioning in the region’s digital sector.

Lightbox turnover has more than doubled from £250,000 last year to a projected £600,000 for 2017/18. Staff numbers have also doubled year on year from six to 12.

The agency has a new visual identity with a supporting tagline that reads ‘Making Digital Human’.

Making Digital Human means ‘speaking your language, never using jargon and designing solutions for the people that matter most: your staff and your customers’.

With a diverse portfolio of clients, Lightbox have recently built digital assets for Birmingham based Clearabee, home repair business RIGHTIO, University of Birmingham School, Skirting Boards Direct and global fan manufacturer Elta Group.

Skirting Boards Direct reported a 126% increase in online sales since its website was redesigned.

The agency is also committed to the region’s community and corporate initiatives, building the new website for city charity LoveBrum and working with the CSR team at Wesleyan on an exciting new project.

LightBox Digital CEO Rob Pollard said the agency has outgrown a ‘we do websites’ perception and needed a clear proposition to fire up the team internally, attract the best talent and showcase it is a specialist for ambitious businesses.

“The world might be digital, but when it comes to business, humans make all the difference,” said Rob.

“‘Making Digital Human’ means speaking your language, never using jargon and designing solutions for the people that matter most – staff and your customers.

“It’s too easy to assume everyone knows what acronyms like SEO (search engine optimisation), CMS (content management systems) really mean.

“We spend the time to get to know what businesses need, collaborate on the whole journey and create user friendly products and experiences that make life easier.”

Rob takes pride in LightBox being ‘grounded, open and approachable’.

“We’re not robots and we’re known for our personal touch,” he added.

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