Meet MSc students to complete your business projects

In the last couple of years you may have either taken on an Aston MSc student to complete a project, or discussed doing this with us. Your business may need an extra ‘pair of hands’ to get a piece of work completed now, or expect to need this support in the future. 

What MSc students can offer and how to recruit them

See this attachment for information on the MSc courses being run at Aston Business School, the type of projects students have completed in the past, and how MSc students can help you develop your business. The second attachment is a vacancy template you can use to advertise any vacancies you have now, or in the future.

Join us at a networking event

To help you meet our top talent, we are organising a networking evening at Aston Business School on Thursday 25 January from 5.30-7.45pm. If you are thinking of taking an MSc student into an internship or voluntary project in the Spring, this event will give you a forum to talk to students about your organisation, and what you might be looking for. Even if you have no firm plans to recruit at this stage, you can still join us to find out more about what students can offer, and build networks with them, and other local employers.

What to do next

If you have a vacancy to start now, or in the Spring, complete this template and email it to Iwan Griffiths at Aston University.  


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