Pitchfest – September 2018

Pitchfest improves your ability to win investment while simultaneously boosting your business’s profile.

 Over the last 3 years, Pitchfest – which is run by the Centre for Growth at Aston University, BizzInn at the University of Birmingham and Minerva at the University of Warwick Science Park – has put 90 entrepreneurs directly in front of investors and helped bring over £2.75M of investment to the region’s small businesses.

The competition begins with pitch preparation, helping to refine your investment pitch. Judging rounds follow, where you pitch directly to a panel of investors, receiving valuable feedback on your presentation. Then comes the public final, hosted by Venturefest West Midlands, where the best business pitches compete in front a live audience of investors and entrepreneurs to win the Best Pitch Award and a Golden Ticket to access Minerva’s professional network of Business Angel Investors.

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Pitchfest helps businesses gain exposure and build confidence to secure future investment.

“The workshops were invaluable – we took another look at our financials and refocused our pitch for an investor audience. Taking part gave us exposure to some of the best investors in the region and the confidence I have gained in approaching investors has helped us secure international investment too.”

Byron Dixon, Micro-Fresh, Pitchfest winner


Pitch Preparation: Tue 26 June, Tue 17 July 2018

Judging Panels: Thu 5 July, Thu 12 July, Thu 6 Sept 2018

Pitchfest Final at iCentrum, Birmingham: Thu 27 Sept 2018

Each business applying is invited to take part in one of the Pitch Preparation sessions. Most will go on to one of the follow-up judging panels, after which selected businesses are invited to present and/or exhibit at the final.

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