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A region of talent and opportunities

After seeing the fastest growth in numbers of under 25 year olds of any UK city outside London, as well as being the home of high quality workforces and education, Birmingham is a city brimming with talent and opportunities.

Our workforce

According to fDi intelligence, Birmingham already has one of the highest quality workforces in Europe. Excellent educational institutions help to deepen this pool with fresh, new talent every year, offering nationally-recognised apprenticeship programmes to support a broad range of skills.

The Labour Availability and Quantity indicator shows that we are one of the highest performing cities in Europe, offering the number one location for overall size of labour market and the healthiest labour market in terms of tightness and competition.


To enable our students and workforce to succeed, we understand that it’s vital to provide excellent pre-school support and childcare. We’re proud to say that young families can easily access quality care in the region, with Ofsted publishing regular inspection reports on registered providers. By monitoring and maintaining standards, we’re able to provide a hugely improved quality of life for families in the West Midlands.