Support for businesses

Support for businesses

Complementing Birmingham’s investments in infrastructure and future growth is an impressive series of incentives designed to help businesses prosper:

The Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative

The Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI WMLCR) is a funding competition designed to improve the global competitiveness of UK advanced manufacturing supply chains. Funding is available to support research and development, skills training and capital investment to help UK supply chains achieve world-class standards and encourage major new suppliers to locate in the UK.

Simplified Planning

A Local Development Order is in place for the Advanced Manufacturing Hub providing a simplified planning process that significantly reduces the lead in period for development making the transition of businesses into Birmingham quicker and easier.

Financial Support

There are various business support loans and grants currently available to help businesses set up and thrive in the region.  These can range from start-up loans to large scale supply chain development grants.

Training and Recruitment

Birmingham City Council has access to the Birmingham Jobs Fund for employing a young Birmingham person aged 16-24. Up to £3,000 per person can be claimed for apprenticeships and up to £4,550 can be claimed for non-apprenticeship opportunities.