TOA Taxis drops credit card surcharge and undergoes £75,000 head office makeover with greener technology

As TOA Taxis’ success grows, the oldest taxi firm in Birmingham has dropped its previous credit card surcharge of 10% down to just 4% in response to an increasing number of customers choosing to make payments by credit card, and is also going a £75,000 head office makeover.

The new, reduced surcharge is now active, and the makeover will be complete soon after the festive period.

“We may be Birmingham’s oldest Taxi firm but we’re also one that strives to keep up with modern technology and advancements to make our customer experience as pleasant, comfortable and convenient as possible.

With more and more payments going electronic, we are moving with the times by making it an easier and cheaper method of payment for our customers”, Says Mohammed Imran Akram, Secretary at TOA Taxis.

The taxi firm have negotiated with their current suppliers and have managed to bring down the previous surcharge of 10% to just 4%, a considerable reduction of 6%.

This will make a huge difference to customers and will mean more of them can opt to pay by credit card where they may have opted for another method with the previous surcharge.

And moving forward with the times doesn’t stop there. Located in Harborne, the TOA Taxis head office is currently undergoing a £75,000 refit, along with the installation of greener technology.

The TOA Taxis head office first opened back in 1978. The late Mayoress of Birmingham at the time, Freda Cocks, originally declared open TOA’s head office in Harborne with the unveiling of a plaque.

“It has been some years since the head office has had a much-needed refit and with our growing success and growth, we are now able to invest a considerable amount into it”, said Mohammed.

As well as getting a fresh new look with fully re-plastered and re-painted walls, new carpets and new fire doors, the office will have new greener technology installed throughout.

Eco-friendly LED lighting has been installed in the office with PR Sensors on lights that turn on and off automatically when motion is sensed, the fresh new look and paint has meant the entire office is now much lighter and so the amount of artificial lighting to brighten the place has been reduced and new double glazed windows have been fitted to help heat the office.

In addition, the TOA’s head office now has a new UPS System with an uninterrupted power supply which continues working if there is a grid failure; this is backed up by a new, fuel efficient back-up generator.

“We are delighted with the progress of the refit so far and we look forward to operating in our completed, greener and more efficient head office!” Mohammed Imran Akram, Secretary at TOA Taxis.

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