University joins prestigious science institute

The University of Birmingham is joining The Alan Turing Institute set up to advance the world-changing potential of data science.

The university is set to become part of the organisation which is named in honour of the British pioneer whose work in theoretical and applied mathematics, engineering and computing laid the foundations for the emerging field of data science.

It will join other institutions including the universities of Warwick, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh in aiming to grow a scientific and industry network for data and AI research in the UK.

Vice-chancellor Professor Sir David Eastwood said:

“We are delighted and excited to be joining The Alan Turing Institute and contributing our data science expertise.

“We look forward to working with other leading universities to ensure the UK continues to make a significant contribution towards advancing the world-changing potential of data science.”

Sir Alan Wilson, chief executive of the Institute, said:

“In order to deliver on our ambitions to advance data science and artificial intelligence research, we need to enable the broadest possible collaboration across the sector.

“I welcome our discussions with Birmingham and Exeter about joining the Turing network, and look forward to working with all our partners and the wider data science and AI community to advance research, innovation and impact in these important technologies.”

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